Smart Rug Carpet Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleeper

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Smart Rug Carpet Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleeper

Ever feel like a zombie in the morning? Hit snooze a million times? Yeah, we get it. But what if you could change that? Imagine waking up ON TIME, every time. No more rushing. No more grogginess. Just you, winning the day.

No more rushed mornings, skipped breakfasts, and the dreaded snooze guilt. This alarm doesn't just ring, it requires action. Literally. To silence it, you need to stand on it. That's right - no standing, no peace. It's designed to get you out of bed and keep you up. Plus, It needs your full weight for 5 seconds to stop that alarm. No cheating!

And here's where it gets really cool. You can upload your own wake-up tracks. Whether it's that fiery motivational speech or your favorite energizing tune, just plug in, upload via USB, and wake up to your personal anthem.And let's talk about volume. This thing is loud. With a range of 90-120 decibels. Sleep through this? Not a chance!

And the comfort? Oh, it's heavenly. Soft, plush, with memory foam that feels like a cloud under your feet. Plus, it's a breeze to clean. So not only does it wake you up, it pampers your feet too.

  • AUTOMATIC WAKE-UP ROUTINE: Shifts your morning habit from snoozing to standing. You'll automatically get out of bed to turn off the alarm, setting a positive tone for your day.
  • PRESSURE SENSITIVITY: Requires your full weight (over 30 kg) for 5 seconds to deactivate. It ensures you're truly up, ending the cycle of endless snoozing.
  • LOUD AND PROUD SPEAKERS: With a volume ranging between 90-120 decibels, these speakers ensure you can't ignore your alarm.
  • PERSONALIZED MOTIVATION: Upload your favorite motivational mp3s or music via USB. Start every morning on a high note with your chosen inspirational soundtrack.
  • TIME DISPLAY ON TOUCH: A gentle touch shows the current time. Convenient for those middle-of-the-night time checks.
  • CLOUD-LIKE COMFORT: Features incredibly soft, slow-rebounding memory foam, combined with a short plush surface.


  • Type: Alarm Clock
  • Shell Material: Flannelette, Memory foam, High-quality Plastic
  • Color: Creamy white
  • Display Type: LED with number
  • Waterproof: No
  • Power Type: 3x AAA Battery (NOT included)
  • Movement Type: electronics
  • Size:approx.40x40cm/60x40cm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Applicable places: Office / Study Room / Bedroom


  • 1x Alarm Clock Mat

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Smart Rug Carpet Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleeper

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