Reusable Humane Auto Reset Bucket Cover Mouse Trap

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Reusable Humane Auto Reset Bucket Cover Mouse Trap

Our Mousetrap Slide Bucket Lid is the ideal solution for homeowners and businesses seeking efficient pest control without resorting to harmful methods. It offers a responsible, user-friendly, and reusable way to address rodent infestations, ensuring a cleaner and more humane living or working environment.

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This smart and humane trap is designed to capture rodents without harm and offer a reusable and auto-reset feature, making it a must-have in your pest control arsenal. It's a responsible choice for those who prefer a compassionate approach to pest management.

The mousetrap is a game-changer when it comes to pest control. It offers a humane alternative to traditional snap traps, ensuring that rodents are captured without causing harm or suffering. 

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Once a rodent is captured, the trap resets itself, allowing you to continue your pest control efforts without delay. It's a convenient solution that ensures your home or property remains rodent-free.


It's designed to outsmart rodents and capture them swiftly.

  • Smart and convenient mousetrap 
  • Flip-slide mechanism for trapping
  • Lid design for safety and containment
  • Reusable rat trap solution
  • Auto-reset feature for efficiency
  • Effective for catching mice and rats
  • Humane and safe for pests
  • No-touch disposal
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable rodent control


Material: ABS
Color: Yellow
Size: 30x30x8cm


1x Mouse Trap (Without barrel)
2x Ladder
1x User manual

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Reusable Humane Auto Reset Bucket Cover Mouse Trap
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